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Revolutionary China

The turbulent years since the founding of the People's Republic of China have been documented by many writers in SACU's magazine. Since our foundation in 1965 the unravelling of modern Chinese history has been carefully recorded in a range of articles. For articles covering the pre-revolutionary time please see our History index and for more modern times see Modern History index.

Chinese history 1949-1989 - The People's Republic of China

The Fall of Lin Biao Lin Biao was for a time Chairman Mao's chosen successor, his fall from grace and mysterious death marked an important political event.
Slogans The slogan is a potent political instrument which was widely used in China for political purposes.
Deng Xiaoping in France A number of the founders of the P.R.C. spent some time in France in the years after the first World War. This article chronicles Deng Xiaoping's stay there in the 1920s
Deng Xiaoping obituary The life and achievements of Deng Xiaoping, Chinese leader 1977-1997
Timeline A timeline of all the major domestic and international events in the first forty years of the P.R.C. from 1949 to 1989.
Industrial Development An overview of rapid industrial development in the China suring the 1970s.
Technological Development Joseph Needham traces the technological development from earliest times to the 1970s.
Times Past A selection of newsletter articles from the early days of SACU in the 1960s and 1970s.
First Tourists Experience of UK travellers to China when the country began to open up to limited visitors in the 1970s.
The Great Leap Forward Describes how policy failure in the late 1950s led to the deaths of millions in the disastrous years 1959-1961.
Chairman Mao obituary Viewing Mao as a philosopher, this unconventional portrayal written by Jospeh Needham in 1976 soon after Mao's death.
Agnes Smedley - American friend of China Chronicling the extra-ordinary life and times of a committed supporter of the P.R.C..
Jewish community in China Survey of the little known 'YouTai' community in China.
Mao suits Many of our archive photographs show the Chinese wearing the same uniform, the so called 'mao suits'. This article probes Chinese attitudes to dress.
Mao badges Just as everyone wore 'mao suits' the indispensable accessory was a Mao badge, these were produced in vast numbers over many years.
Cultural Revolution witness Very few Westerners saw the Cultural Revolution at first hand. This report shows it was not all as bad as many might think.
Transforming the rural economy The background to the liberation of the rural workers from slavery under the landlords.
Learning from Dazhai Heralded as the example for all villages to follow, the pioneering, communist spirit of Dazhai was an important part of Mao's vision for China.
Reflections on China 1933-1999 Surveying the dramatic changes in China over sixty years seen through the eyes of a British visitor.

Criticise Lin Biao and Confucius
Factory meeting in 1974 to criticise Lin Biao and Confucius

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