SACU's Council of Management

The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding is a registered UK charity (number 294,651). It is instituted as a registered company without share holders (Company number 876,179). Since 1996 it has not had any employees or rented offices, it has been run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Zoe Reed Zoe Reed has been SACU's Chair since 2009. She has a direct interest in building links and understanding with China as her father was Chinese - however she did not meet him until the 1990's when she traced him to his home town of Lanzhou, Gansu province. Her father came to UK under the sponsorship of Joseph Needham and hence Zoe's commitment to building SACU. Zoe is a Director in an NHS Foundation Trust which provides mental health services and is married with two grown up children.
Corinne Attwood Corinne Attwood first joined SACU in the mid-eighties. Corinne led her first tour of China in 1985 and has been leading tours regularly since then, as well as private visits. She joined the SACU Council two years ago and has recently been appointed Secretary. Corinne started learning Chinese in 1984 at evening classes - she is still learning characters.
Walter Fung Walter Fung has been a member of SACU for about 29 years and has served on Council for about ten of them. He has a degree in Chemistry and is a retired textile technologist. Since his retirement he has gone back to his roots and is interested in all aspects of Chinese history and culture. He is especially interested in the early Chinese community in the UK and overseas Chinese communities in general. He has travelled extensively and has been to China many times.
Chris Henson Chris Henson is a retired business executive with a life-long interest in Chinese history and culture. He taught Business English at University of Liaoning in Shenyang and gives talks about China to schools and community organisations in South-east England.
Andrew Hicks Andrew Hicks first became fascinated with China and its culture when a lecturer in Law at the University of Hong Kong during the seventies. Going on to lecture at the National University of Singapore and later settling in Thailand for some years, he has thus lived in Asia and Chinese related communities for over twenty years. Now back in UK, being a Council member of SACU enables him to share his passion for all things Chinese. His latest publication is a book called, A TRUE FRIEND TO CHINA , which is about the work of the Friends Ambulance Unit who provided medical aid to China during the terrible years of the nineteen forties.
Haris Livas-Dawes Dr. Haris Livas-Dawes spent most of her life in Greece in senior level positions in government, business, media and academia, a full and variedcareer. She has 6 children and lives with her second husband in Hull. In the UK she has taught at 2 universities and is responsible for a collection at the British Museum.
Rob Stallard Rob Stallard is a software developer and I.T. consultant. He met Joseph Needham while studying at Caius College, Cambridge. He joined SACU in 1988 after attending evening classes with Chinese tutor, and SACU member, David Wright. Rob has served on Council as Treasurer and as Secretary and is now a Vice President. Rob continues to develop and maintain SACU's web site since its beginnings in 1995.

The other members of the Council of Management are:

Vice PresidentsBob Benewick , Jenny Clegg , Jane Hadley, Rob Stallard, Frances Wood
DirectorsAndrew Hicks, Ivor Kenna, Flo Kenna, Linda Rosen

Former Chairs of SACU include: Joseph Needham ; Felix Greene ; Derek Bryan ; Peter Thiele; Jim Pennington ; Bob Benewick ; Alan Lawrance ; Jane Hadey; Dave Clare

Former Presidents of SACU: Joseph Needham and Lord Asa Briggs

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