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China in the World

The relationship of China and the Chinese people with the rest of the World has changed over the centuries. The articles in this index probe some of the many aspects of China's uneasy relationship with the U.K. and the rest of the World.

Victorian and Edwardian views At the peak of the British Empire in the early twentieth century attitudes to China were very different to those of today.
Robert Hart - early Sinophile Hart was one of first to begin to understand the Chinese and was employed under the Qing emperors.
China joins the U.N. The P.R.C. did not gain its proper place at the United Nations until 1971.
Korea, Chinese troubled neighbour Observations from a recent visit to South Korea.
Vietnam China has always had a special relationship with its 'little brother' Vietnam.
History Historical time chart of China through the last 4,000 years compared to events in the rest of the World.
Opium to China A contrasting article seeing the Opium Wars more from the English perspective.
First Impressions of the West The Chinese came back with very mixed views after their initial contact with modern Western society.
Charles Henry Brewitt-Taylor An outline of the life of the life of an early sinophile Charles Henry Brewitt-Taylor who undertook the first translation into English of Chinese literary classics.
Revisiting after 50 years Quite a few British people's experience of China was during the Second World War, when China was an ally against the Axis powers.
Friends Ambulance Unit Comparing life in the Second World War and present day China shows how much China has changed.
Weihaiwai - British Treaty Port A review of a unique book cataloguing the history of the little known port of Weihai in Shandong.
The Chinese in Britain When the Chinese first settled in Britain there was a long time before they became accepted. Gives a timeline on important events in the development of the Chinese community in the U.K.
The Chinese communities in the U.K. Survey of the settling of Chinese immigrants in Britain.
Senior British Born Chinese A survey of the family origins of the British Born Chinese.
History of friendship associations in the UK The history of the various Sino-British friendship organisations in the 20th century.
First impressions of new Chinese visitors to the UK A diary of first impressions of Britain produced by a new young visitor from China.
How to be half-Chinese Living with a mixed Chinese ethnic origin can be difficult.
Mr. Ma in London A book by Lao She describing life in London for Chinese immigrants in the 1920s.
Chinese Gordon Exploits of General Charles Gordon at the time of the Opium Wars and Taiping Rebellion.
Cheltenham and Weihaiwai - twin towns Report of a delegation from Cheltenham, UK to its twin town Weihai, Shandong Province, China.
Exchange program between an English and Chinese School Experiences of a twinning link between schools with student's impressions of China.
The early days of SACU Review of the founding of SACU and its development in its first ten years.

Heseltine, Walker and Zhou Enlai
Premier Zhou Enlai met with Peter Walker and Michael Heseltine on 27th March 1973

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