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China Geography

The vast country of China has an varied geography that contributes greatly to its historical development.

China in the World Where China fits in the World ranking by various statistical measures.
China Map Map of all the Provinces making up the country of China.
Province Table Comparative statistical data about all the Provinces (population, size, GDP).
Maps A guide to the historical development of China through a sequence of four maps.
Dunhuang Caves The famous grottoes in Gansu Province on the fringes of the Gobi Desert contain many fabulous Buddhist paintings and sculptures.
Yangzi River The mighty Yangzi River is one of the main transport arteries and forms a natural division of China.
Tales of the Three Gorges Myths and legends surrounding the three famous gorges on the Yangzi River.
Xinjiang Province A vast province acting as China's main land frontier, Xinjiang is an area of contrasts and challenges like Tibet.
Travels to Guilin The famous karst scenery at Guilin, Huangxi province always impressing the visitors.
Travels to Sichuan Contrasting views of Sichuan in the 1990s and 1940s.
Sichuan Province The heavily populated and naturally isolated province of China is Sichuan (Szechwan). It continues to play an important role in the development of China.

Frontier herdsmen
Flocks and herdsmen in frontier country, Inner Mongolia

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