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Chinese nameguizhou['mountain' 'region']
Main Industriesagriculture
Foreign Trade1,618
Ethnic minorities38%
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Guizhou is not one thing or another, it's near the border with Vietnam but not on the border and in the mountains but not the high mountains, it has a somewhat transitional climate too, between the tropical and the continental types. It has a great diversity of ethnic minorities which leads to a rich mix of local festivals. It is not really on the tourist trail but has great natural beauty particularly in its rivers and lakes. The famous Huangguoshu Falls are some of China's biggest and finest waterfalls.

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Laughing Buddha Guizhou
Buddha figure in cave shrine, Long Gong Cave , Guizhou © Sally & Richard Greenhill Photo Library

Here are some historic photographs of Guizhou, click on the thumbnail to see the photograph in full

Miao Tomb
Dixi Masks
Chishui River

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