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Chinese nameheilongjiang ['black' 'dragon' 'river']
Main Industriescoal, timber, oil
Foreign Trade12,857
Ethnic minorities5%
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The far North-East of China is a land of long, hard winters and short summers. It borders Russia for about 2,000 kms along the Heilongjiang river (called Amur by the Russians). Border disputes with Russia flared up in 1969, historically the region of Manchuria stretched much further north-east but was ceded in 1858 and 1860. It is the Manchu people who ruled China during the Qing dynasty. During the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese set up a separate state of Manchuria under the last Qing emperor Puyi.

It has rich oil and coal reserves including the famous Daqing oilfield. Harbin is one of Chinese biggest and most important industrial cities in China.

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Songhua Jiang Heilongjiang
Songhua Jiang, Heilongjiang after snow on the frozen river

Here are some historic photographs of Heilongjiang, click on the thumbnail to see the photograph in full

Oroqen Children
Ice Sculpture
Daqing Oil Fielld
Muslim Sermon
Little Red Guards Train

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