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yi; one Pinyin(first tone)
English1; one
Pronounced a little like 'ee' as in 'bee' the 'y' is almost silent.

What could be simpler? A single horizontal stroke denotes 1 (yi), two strokes for 2 (er) and three strokes for 3 (san).

By learning the numbers you will be able to read prices and count. Moreover Chinese use these characters for time, days of the week, months and years so you can use them to read the date and time too.

To counter the possibility of fraud and fiddling by just adding a stroke to the number, on currency it is given a different, more complex form. The Chinese were the first to use paper currency in about 650AD.

As with English 'one' gets itself into many idiomatic expressions including ::

yi : 1; One wu : 5; Five yi : 1; One shi : 10; Ten
one five one ten = narrate in full detail

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