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yue; month Pinyinyuè (first tone)
Englishmonth; moon
Pronounced a bit like 'you-eh?'

Just like in English the word for month is 'moon' as that, of course, is what the unit of time is derived from. Up until quite recently the Chinese calendar used a 'lunar' calendar system that every so many years inserted a whole leap month rather than an extra leap day every four years. This enabled the solar year to be re-synchronised with lunar months. The lunar calendar is still used for calculation of the Chinese New Year Festival, in a similar manner that the date for Easter is calculated in the Christian calendar. The character is derived from a pictogram of the crescent moon on its side.

shí èr yuè
shi : 10; Ten er : 2; two yue : moon; month
ten two month = 12th month (December)

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