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Chinese LanguageThe Chinese language is perhaps China's greatest treasure. Continual usage over thousands of years has given it a unique richness and has enabled ancient traditions to be passed on through the generations in written form.
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Introduction Information about Chinese and help on starting to learn the Chinese language.
Basic Chinese Start learning the basics online.
Chinese tones Introducing the important tones for vowel sounds.
Proverbs Chinese literature is littered with proverbs and phrases taken from writers over the ages.
Poetry An introduction to the appreciation of Chinese Poetry.
Qu Yuan The father of Chinese Poetry.
Pinyin and Wade-Giles A reference guide to the schemes used for the phonetic spelling of Chinese characters
Modern Chinese One of the achievements of the P.R.C. was a thorough update of the written language and the introduction of pinyin.
Families The names of close family numbers and how Chinese people are given names
Women How women are represented in the language.
Religious Concepts A study of the derivation of Chinese characters used in a religious context.

Tang Confucius Analects
Tang dynasty hand-written copy of the Analects of Confucius with Glossary by Zheng Xuan. The earliest copy known dating from 710AD.

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