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Chinese namemacau ['ao men' in pinyin: 'inlet' 'gate']
Main Industriestourism; gambling
Foreign Trade-
Ethnic minorities-
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Macau : the Portuguese in China

The Chinese call Macau (or Macao) Aomen, ao means 'bay' and men means 'gate' or gateway'.


1540Liampo settlement off coast of Zhejiang Province.
1549Liampo destroyed. Settlement moved to Sanchuang.
1552Death of Francis Xavier on Sanchuang.
1553Sanchuang abandoned. Lampakkau founded south of Guangdong (Canton).
1555First Portuguese visit to Canton.
1556-57Macau founded as a base for trade and missionary work in Japan.
1636Portuguese expelled from Nagasaki. End of Japanese trade with Macau.
1640Guangdong closed to the Portuguese.
1641Dutch displaced Portuguese from Malacca.
1757Macau lifted restrictions on foreign residents.
1839-42First Opium War between Britain and China.
1887Sino-Portuguese Treaty of Tianjin.
1941-45Macau neutral during Second World War.
1966-67Riots connected with Cultural Revolution.
1974Portugal divested itself of most colonies.
1979Diplomatic relations between China and Portugal established.
1985President of Portugal visited China.
1987Sino-Portuguese agreement on Macau.
1999Macau handed back to China.

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