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Contents of SACU's magazine China Eye for the year 2017.

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Issue 53 (Spring 2017)

China Eye 53

Two years in Peking 1965-66 (book review) - Michael Sherringham reviews the book of his old friend Reg Hunt that gives a first hand account of Peking in the early days of the Cultural Revolution.

Co-operatives in China Tim Zachernuk continues his survey of the development of co-operatives in China.

A Chinese alphabet - Andrew Hicks shares his many happy recollections on SACU's trip to Gansu in October 2016.

Luding Bridge - Walter Fung describes the background and continuing controversy about the events of the Long March in 1935.

Reading about China 21 - Dr. Haris Livas-Dawes introduces more books she has found useful in learning about China.

50th Anniversary tour in Beijing - Walter Fung spent some extra days in Beijing at the end of SACU's 50th anniversary tour in October 2016. He shares some pictures and observations of the modern capital.

Sinofile - A regular round-up of news from China.

China Eye Diary - Notices and events.

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