Modern Chinese history

Modern Chinese History Index

Modern Chinese history

These articles cover the development of modern China in the last twenty or so years. For articles covering the period before 1949 please see our History index and for the period 1949-1990 revolutionary era.

Modern Chinese history 1990 to the present day

Reflections on China 1933-1999 Surveying the dramatic changes in China over sixty years seen through a British visitors eyes.
Comments on Shabaugh Is China due for a dramatic economic collapse?
Modern attitudes to music Traditional and modern music now heard all over China.
History of Chinese Space Programme Development of China's mighty plans for space exploration.
Environmental policy in China today China's ambitious programme for the environment, will China become the greenest nation?
China's Environmental Policies China's impressive environmental ambitions.
Changing attitudes to education Teaching in China has now changed to embrace modern methods.
Nanjing modernization Industrialization of China's 'second' capital of Nanjing.
Judaism in China Jewish communities in China.
Chinese car industry The development of the automobile industry in China.

Modern Cityscape

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