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Every day the Internet is scanned for news stories about China. The data is taken directly from various News feeds and blogs.

News from a number of different sources is provided, it is not edited or selected by SACU, click on the title link to show the list of stories :

Dec 2016. Sorry we are no longer providing this service.

See Also

Chinese Embassy   Official web site of the embassy in London. Gives the official view on current affairs in English. Includes some cultural information.
Dim Sum   A range of news and cultural topics serving the U.K. Chinese community.
Inside China Today   Part of the European Internet Network (EIN) information service. Has regular feature stories and huge directory of sites.
Wall Street Journal   News with an economic focus.
Time Magazine Asia   General news covering whole of Asia.
China News Digest   Large amount of background information about China in Chinese (U.S.A.)

These news items are copied from external news sources. The items are not edited or filtered by SACU in any way. The facts and views expressed in these items are those of the source organizations and not those of SACU. If you have any comments, updates or corrections please let us know via our Contact page.