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Chinese nameningxia
Main Industriescoal, agriculture, metalworking
Foreign Trade1,437
Ethnic minorities35%
Inner Mongolia Xinjiang Heilongjiang Jilin Gansu Liaoning Ningxia Qinghai Tibet Hebei Yunnan Shandong Sichuan Guangxi Shanxi Hainan Shaanxi Guangdong Chongqing Fujian Henan Guizhou Zhejiang Hunan Jiangsu Hubei Shanghai Jiangxi Beijing Anhui Tianjin

Situated near the geographical central northern edge, Ningxia Province belongs more naturally to the North-Western group of provinces. It shares the same harsh, dry climate bordered by the Yellow River and Great Wall to the North it stretches south to the mountains.

It is one of the five autonomous regions within China mainly due to the large number of ethnic Hui people of Muslim faith who live in the southern part. These people are descended from the central European and middle eastern traders who plied their trade at this major trading border on the Silk Route.

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