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Chinese nameqinghai ['blue-green' 'lake']
Main Industriesagriculture (sheep), oil, mining
Foreign Trade652
Ethnic minorities46%
Inner Mongolia Xinjiang Heilongjiang Jilin Gansu Liaoning Ningxia Qinghai Tibet Hebei Yunnan Shandong Sichuan Guangxi Shanxi Hainan Shaanxi Guangdong Chongqing Fujian Henan Guizhou Zhejiang Hunan Jiangsu Hubei Shanghai Jiangxi Beijing Anhui Tianjin

Geographically, Qinghai is part of the Tibetan plateau and has mountains that source the Yellow, Mekong and Yangzi Rivers. It has very low rainfall and has salt marshes and saline lakes. The culture is mainly Tibetan except for the provincial capital Xining that is at the Eastern edge which has mainly Han Chinese citizens. It has cold winters and short cool summers.

Historically China has built many of its more isolated prisons and labour camps in the province. Qinghai Lake is he largest lake in China and is a mecca for bird watchers. The lake size has shrunk rapidly in the last fifty years and is quite salty.

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Qinghai horse race
Horse racing in Qinghai with participants from Mongolia, Tibet, Hui and Han people. 1979

Here are some historic photographs of Qinghai, click on the thumbnail to see the photograph in full

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