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China Eye Magazine Describes our quarterly magazine
Sinofile News stories from China Eye going back six years
Information Information about organizations and general messages
News Index Directory of our sources of news about China
50th Anniversary Articles and events marking SACU's fiftieth birthday
Other sites Web sites providing useful information
Back numbers Back numbers of SACU's magazine
SACU News Back numbers of SACU's first newsletter 1965-1970.

About China
Index China information section index
Introduction General introduction to Chinese Culture
Gallery An extensive set of 1,200 archive photographs for you to search and browse

About China | Language
Language Index Index of Chinese language pages on the site
Language Guide How to set about learning Chinese
Basic Chinese Basic guide to the language and a set of 44 common Chinese characters and tones
Chinese Proverbs A set of 21 ancient proverbs explained
Poetry Introduction to Chinese poetry
Pinyin and Wade-Giles The different approaches for writing Chinese using the Western alphabet
Modern Chinese The story behind the development of Modern Chinese and Pinyin.
Women Chinese language shows ancient attitudes to women
Qu Yuan A great Chinese poet
Religious Concepts How the language is used in Chinese religions

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About China | History
History Index Index of Chinese history pages on the site
History Historical time chart for China including a page for each Chinese dynasty
Maps History of China through a sequence of four maps
History Survey China's long history compared to other cultures
Paper Records Paper and printing were a vital early development
Great Inventions The four great Chinese inventionsChina.
Opium in China The wars with Britain about trade in opium are a dark chapter, this article looks at the war more from the Chinese perspective. And a separate article sees the affair from the English perspective
The Boxer Rebellion The Boxer uprising had a fundamental impact on China.
The First Emperor Overview of the first Qin Emperor, the most important figure in Chinese history
The Last Emperor Interview with Pujie the brother of the Last Qing Emperor Puyi
Manchus The last Manchu dynasty was ruled from people from the North east of China.
Beijing Origins How the northern capital of Beijing has evolved over the centuries
May 4th Movement The Versailles Treaty stored up future troubles for the region.
Empress Cixi Cixi was the last Qing ruler to have control over the whole of China
Taiwan Taiwan has a long history as an outpost of mainland China.
Dr. Sun Yatsen Dr. Sun Yatsen : Pioneering revolutionary of modern China.
China's rich cultural history A survey of many aspects of China's long cultural history .
Qin Stories The pivotal Qin dynasty (221-206 BC) gave rise to a number of fables
Art Collection A quick tour of the extraordinary Burrell collection in Glasgow.
Examinations Imperial examinations and their modern equivalents.
Hutongs Traditional Chinese architecture in China.
Midnight in Peking On the trail of the infamous murder in Beijing 1937.
Waterways History of the management of water in China from earliest days.
Seafaring Introduction to the pioneering efforts of Chinese sailors.

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About China | Communist Era
Communist China Introduction to articles about China in the turbulent years 1949-1990
The Fall of Lin Biao Lin Biao's fall from grace as Chairman Mao's chosen successor.
Slogans Analysing political slogans
Deng Xiaoping in France France was the unexpected breeding ground for revolutionary fervour in China.
Deng Xiaoping obituary The life and achievements of Deng Xiaoping, Chinese leader 1977-1997
Gung Ho movement Workers co-operative movement in China
Major Events Major domestic and international events in the years 1949 to 1989.
Industrial Development A key time in the development of modern Chinese Industry was the 1970s.
Technological Development Development of Chinese technology over the centuries fuelling modern development.
Times Past A selection of eight newsletter articles from the 1960s and 1970s.
First Tourists Experience of UK travellers to China in the 1970s.
The Great Leap Forward One of the most infamous periods covering the disastrous famine years 1959-1961.
Chairman Mao obituary An unconventional portrayal of Mao after his death in 1976.
Agnes Smedley - American friend of China Agnes Smedley was a committed supporter of the P.R.C..
Mao suits Everyone wore the same uniform in the 1970s.
Mao badges Just as everyone wore mao suits the indispensable accessory was a Mao badge.
Transforming the rural economy How the PRC transformed life in the countryside.
Cultural Revolution Witness Very few Westerners got to see the Cultural Revolution at first hand. It was not all as bad as many now think.
Learning from Dazhai The pioneering Communist spirit of Dazhai (Tachai) was an inspiration for communities in the new China.

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About China | Modern History
Modern China Introduction to section on articles about modern China since 1949
Reflections on China Personal reflections over changes 1933 to 1999
Comments on Shabaugh Is China due for a dramatic economic collapse?
Jews in China The Jewish Community and how they fared under Mao
Environmental Policy Environmental policy in China today
Environmental Policy Environmental policy in China today
Musical Tastes Clashes of modern and traditional musical tastes in China
Education changes Changes to Education in the last twenty years
Nanjing Development Modern Development in Nanjing
Car Industry The modern Chinese automobile Industry
Space Exploration Development of Chinese space exploration

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About China | Geography
Index Introducing geographical information about China
China in the World World ranking of China on various statistical measures.
China Map Information about each of the 29 Provinces making up the country of China
Province Table Comparative information about the Provinces.
Maps A guide to the historical development of China through a sequence of four maps.
Yangzi River The Yangzi River forms a natural division of China.
Three Gorges Myths and legends associated with the Gorges on the Yangzi.
Xinjiang Province Xinjiang, a buffer province of China from central Asia has a character all of its own.
Dunhuang Dunhuang - famous for the Buddhist sculptures and paintings.
Guilin Guilin - popular tourist destination famous for extra-ordinary karst scenery.
Sichuan Province The isolated province of China is Sichuan (Szechwan) plays an important role in the development of China.
Sichuan Village A rural idyll in Sichuan.
Travels to Sichuan Visit to Sichuan looking back to a previous visit in the 1940s.

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About China | Traditions
Index Introducing Chinese Traditions
Festivals A guide to the important festivals in China including information on the Lantern and Mid Autumn Festivals.
Religion An introduction to religious belief in China
Tea The cultivation of tea began in China
Tea Houses Visiting Sichuan tea-houses.
Tea History History of the development of tea.
Calligraphy Chinese Calligraphy - its significance in China.
Art Symbolism Meanings hidden in Chinese art
Daoism The ancient Daoist tradition has strong ties with modern environmentalism.
Xuanzang Xuanzang and the ‘Warehouse-Consciousness’ concept in China
Years Background to the familiar Chinese Astrological twelve year cycle
Lao Zi Lao Zi and the Canon of Virtue
Calendar Traditional Chinese Calendar
Marriage Learn about traditions associated with marriage
Food Chinese food is chosen to be carefully balanced for nutrition and health.
Whats in a Wok? A lok at the origin of English names for Chinese foods.
Families Chinese words used for relations within families
Kites History of kites in China.
Dunhuang Cave Art The Caves and Grottoes at Dunhuang.
Food Chinese food is chosen to be carefully balanced for nutrition and health.
Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) continues to gain more adherents.
Acupuncture Acupuncture is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving insertion of needles at key points on the body.
Making Lanterns Traditional Chinese lanterns are seen most widely at the Lantern Festival.
Papercuts The 'papercut' is a traditional Chinese artform.
Chess The Chinese Game of Chess has a large following and offers an interesting variation to the Western form.
Go The Game of Go has simple rules that lead to a game with beguiling complexity.

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About China | Foreign Relations
Index Index of articles explaining China's relationship with the rest of the World.
Victorian and Edwardian views British Imperial relations to China.
Robert Hart - early Sinophile Hart was one of the first Britons to be employed by the Qing emperors.
U.N. Entry The P.R.C. did not gain a seat at the United Nations until 1971.
Vietnam Special relationship of China and Vietnam.
South Korea Korea, 'the land of morning calm' is a neighbour of China.
Needham Tour SACU's commemorative tour to China 2013, 70 years after Needham's visit.
C.I.C. Chinese Industrial Co-operatives and the Beijing Bailie University
Opium Wars The wars between Britain and China about trade in opium.
First Impressions of the West Early views of the Chinese of modern Western society.
The Chinese in Britain A timeline of how the Chinese community has established itself in Britain.
How to be half-Chinese Living with a mixed Chinese ethnic origin can be difficult.
Revisiting after 50 years The Friends Ambulance Unit provided a vital link into China during the Second World War.
Weihaiwei British rule of the naval base at the tip of Shandong peninsular.
Chinese in Britain A time-line of how the Chinese community has established itself in Britain.
Chinese Community The Chinese Community in Britain.
Friendship Friendship societies between Britain and China.
Charles Brewitt-Taylor Charles Brewitt-Taylor pioneering sinophile.
George Hogg Commemorating Gung Ho pioneer George Hogg.
Chinese Gordon The extra-ordinary exploits of General Gordon in China.
Doolittle's China View of Chinese traditions and customs by a Victorian Missionary - Rev. Doolittle.
New to Britain How UK is seen by Chinese newcomers.
Mr. Ma in London A book by Lao She describing life in London for Chinese immigrants in the 1920s.
Friendship Friendship societies between Britain and China.
Being Half-Chinese Living with a mixed Chinese ethnic origin can be difficult
Weihaiwei twinning Cheltenham and Weihaiwai - twin towns
School Exchange An English school's experience of China
Early SACU Founding and first ten years of SACU's history

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