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Chinese Traditions Chinese Traditions The traditions of China give a distinct cultural identity. These include festivals; religion; tea; traditional medicine and games. The Chinese language has its own section.

Festivals A guide to the important festivals in China including information on the New Year, Lantern and Mid Autumn Festivals.
Religion A guide to religious beliefs in China. Also see our introduction to religious concepts.
Tea The cultivation of tea began in China. It is still a key part of Chinese culture.
Tea Houses The taking of tea in a Sichuan teahouse is still steeped in tradition.
History of Tea - The Universal Beverage A survey of the history of tea from its earliest days.
Xuanzang Buddhist xuanzang and the ‘Warehouse-Consciousness’ concept in China.
Chinese Calligraphy - its significance in China Traces the enduring importance of the written script in China through the last two thousand years.
Daoism The ancient Daoist tradition has strong ties with modern environmentalism.
Astrological Years Background to the familiar Chinese Astrological twelve year cycle
Symbolism in Chinese Art The history of art and the hidden meanings in Chinese Art.
Dunhuang Art The Dunhuang caves and the development of Chinese Art.
Calendar The history of the Chinese Calendar system including timing of New Year
Marriage Learn about attitudes and traditions associated with marriage in China
Food Chinese food is chosen to be carefully balanced for nutrition and health.
Whats in a Wok? A lok at the origin of English names for Chinese foods.
Kite Flying Kite flying has been a traditional pastime for centuries.
Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) continues to gain acceptance in the West.
TCM Another survey of the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dao de jing The life of the Daoist philosopher Lao Zi and the book ‘Dao de jing’.
Acupuncture Acupuncture is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving insertion of needles at key points on the body.
Making Lanterns Making traditional Chinese lanterns is not as easy as it might seem.
Papercuts One of the chief art forms in China is the 'papercut', appropriate as the Chinese also invented paper.
Chess The Chinese Chess Game has a large following and offers an interesting variation to the Western game of Chess
Go The Game of Go has simple rules that lead to a game with beguiling complexity.

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