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The Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) was founded 50 years ago to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Britain and China. It is a registered UK charity and is the only friendship society of its kind in the country.

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January 2015

Our New Year events begin with The Meridian Society who are hosting a talk by Sir Christopher Frayling on Chinaphobia on Screen, a presentation that explores problematic representations and negative stereotyping of Chinese people in the American and British film industry. Frayling is a cultural historian and author of the recently published The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Machu and the Rise of Chinaphobia. The talk will be held at King's College London at 5pm Wednesday, January 14th. For Meridian Society, KCL students and SACU members admission is free. All Others - £5. Email to to reserve a place.

Though many of us may think of it as a problem manufactured by Hollywood many years ago, or something that only now surfaces as an occasional loutish 'witticism', ( ), the BBC explored the subject as a current phenomenon of everyday life in a Front Page Newsbeat story of January 6th at . - British Chinese people say racism against them Is 'ignored'. It seems unbelievable that some of the experiences described in this article could be happening in contemporary Britain.

Between East and West - The British Chinese is a photographic exhibition exploring the identity of British-born Chinese at the London School of Economics. Mike Tsang explores the heritage of this emerging community in the UK from February 23rd to to April 1st at the Artrium Gallery (LSE Old Building). Admission is free, more information at

Wang Donying is the London-based columnist for Caixin Online. In The Parenting Trap of Cultural Patterns he writes about the debate generated by the story of an ex-pat Chinese couple in London who, using their expertise in statistical analysis and economics, took two years to select a primary school for their daughter. His essay is here:

Yellow Earth Theatre, the London-based company that tours nationally, will be bringing its latest production to Nottingham, Sheffield and Scarborough this spring in celebration of Chinese New Year. The story of Yeh Shen first appeared in 9th Century China, over 1,000 years before the first European Cinderella story. Full details of the tour (which includes many southern towns also) are at

The Wall Street Journal reported on a story in 2010 that recently reappeared on SACU's Facebook page. It asked: what is the Most 'Chinese' Chinese character? Quoting from the original source: "China Heritage - a national Geographic-like monthly with a glossy interest in the roots of Chineseness - recently organized an effort to identify the 100 Chinese characters that 'carry the most meaning for Chinese culture'"

There are two brush painting workshops hosted by the Chinese Brush Painters' Society (Yorkshire) this January. The Saturday, January 24th session by Maggie Cross is full but Anne reports that she can take reservations on a stand-by basis in case someone drops out. The session hosted by Ping Kelly (Goldfish and Cockerels) for this Sunday, 11th of January still has a few places left but reservations must be made this weekend. Details of upcoming workshops and events are at . For directions and times, email Anne Allan at

"Hacking incidents and the rise of the new Chinese bogeyman" is the title of an essay on the Al Jazeera web site that reappeared after the Sony Corporation controversy resurrected the debate about who hacks and who doesn't hack other countries, companies, and each other. Haroon Meer, founder of Thinkst Applied Research, suggests an alternate view that maybe the hackers are just .......hackers? ( )

While teaching in China a few years ago, I set my students a conversation assignment to ‘tell me a joke’. Of about two dozen that they came back with this one struck me as one that lost nothing in translation and was also typical of the wry sense of humour that is a characteristic of the Chinese. A group of monkeys sat watching an elderly wizard as he walked round and round a well, muttering to himself “twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve.......”.
They watched him do this all morning and in to the afternoon.
Why is he muttering “twelve”? they wondered. Why is he walking endlessly around the well? What does it mean, why is the wizard doing this? Why, why, why?

“Twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve .....................”

Finally the monkeys could stand it no longer. They persuaded the youngest and most adventurous of them to approach the wizard who, however, as soon as the young monkey came within reach, grabbed him around the neck and hurled him to the bottom of the well.

“Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, thirteen ..........”

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