Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The basis on which we collect and hold your information:

We are a membership organisation and have been so since our inception in 1965.  This means that we must have mechanisms to communicate with our members.  This therefore gives us a Legitimate Interest to hold personal data.  We have always protected our Members' privacy.  We never pass on any personal data to other organisations. We use your data only as a way of keeping our members informed of relevant activities.

We do not hold any information permanently on non-members, although of course we hold email information whilst we are signing people up for membership.

The types of information we collect:

We hold the following personal data about our members:

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Email address(es)
  • Phone number(s)

How we use personal data:

We use your email address in order to send you out our regular eNewsLetter and details of upcoming events of interest.

We also hold transactional email addresses, for example when we are organising events and people contact us to reserve places.

We use your postal address in order to send you our China Eye magazine.

Please let us know at any stage if you wish to alter the way we communicate with you or if you wish to unsubscribe. 

Email if you want any changes and we will amend our records.