Chair’s Blog

Mr Chris Nash

Building bridges of understanding


Within the four seas, we are all one family.

Our current Chair, Mr Chris Nash, has had the privilege of living and working in China for the last ten years. He has worked in the education sector, establishing an innovative experimental school which has attempted to harmonise Chinese and British educational ideas. The majority of his graduates every year come to study in British universities, building their own bridges of understanding between China and the United Kingdom.

In these blogs, Chris will share with you some of the stories which fascinate him about China, always looking for connections between Chinese and British culture. He hopes you will enjoy reading them and invites you to discuss any issues they raise for you.

Disclaimer : These blogs represent the personal views of the Chair and are not necessarily the views of SACU as a whole.

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  • China and Me
    I have lived and worked in China since 2013, during which time I’ve led the start up and development of an innovative Chinese international school in Beijing. I spend ten … Read more
  • Growing People to People Connections
    Did you know that the city of Bristol has its own garden dedicated to expressing the connections between the people of Bristol and the people of the southern Chinese city … Read more
  • China and the UK between them grow ‘the tree of life’!
    It’s exam time here in Beijing! For students and teachers alike, it’s the same roller-coaster ride of mixed emotions that you will find in any school in England.There’s the same … Read more
  • Wǔsì Yùndòng ( May Fourth)
    As I write this it’s May First, a national holiday in China which is known as 劳动节, Láodòng Jié or Labour Day. The traditions of Labour Day started in 1890 … Read more
  • The Evolution of Chinese Characters
    In this Chair’s Blog I want to encourage you if at all possible to visit an exhibition being held from the 20th to 30th April at the Royal Mint Court … Read more
  • 地球日~ dìqiúrì ~ Earth Day
    This blog post cites the content presented in article by an organisation called WildChina on Green Initiatives in China’s cities. WildChina is a travel company that offers exclusive and socially … Read more