Chair’s Blog

Mr Chris Nash

Building bridges of understanding


Within the four seas, we are all one family.

Our current Chair, Mr Chris Nash, has had the privilege of living and working in China for the last ten years. He has worked in the education sector, establishing an innovative experimental school which has attempted to harmonise Chinese and British educational ideas. The majority of his graduates every year come to study in British universities, building their own bridges of understanding between China and the United Kingdom.

In these blogs, Chris will share with you some of the stories which fascinate him about China, always looking for connections between Chinese and British culture. He hopes you will enjoy reading them and invites you to discuss any issues they raise for you.

Disclaimer : These blogs represent the personal views of the Chair and are not necessarily the views of SACU as a whole.

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  • Spring Festival Reflections
    In the past three weeks I have taken advantage of the Spring Festival holiday period to travel extensively in China. Starting from Beijing I first of all travelled 2,087 kilometres … Read more
  • SACU member Jan Johnson’s Chinese New Year
    The SACU mission is to tell stories of people to people friendship between Britain and China. I am delighted to share the Chair’s Blog with our members so that we … Read more
  • A Tale of Two Dragons
    (Article developed from an original idea by Michael Crook) At this time all over China people will be wishing each other not just ‘Happy New Year’, but also ‘龙 年 … Read more
  • 新年快乐 – xīnniánkuàilè
    Happy New Year! Author – 周尚, Zhou Shang The scenery outside the window swept by, and some unmelted snow lay lazily in the shade of the trees. The wind also … Read more
  • Chinese New Year 2 -Wanderlust
    As I write this, it’s a day in China called 立春, Li Chun, the beginning of spring. Let’s first of all take a moment to appreciate a culture that has … Read more
  • An Introduction to the Chinese New Year Festival
    The Chinese New Year or Lunar Festival or Spring Festival is one of the largest cultural events in the world. It is estimated that over two billion people will be … Read more