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Mr Chris Nash

Building bridges of understanding


Within the four seas, we are all one family.

Our current Chair, Mr Chris Nash, has had the privilege of living and working in China for the last ten years. He has worked in the education sector, establishing an innovative experimental school which has attempted to harmonise Chinese and British educational ideas. The majority of his graduates every year come to study in British universities, building their own bridges of understanding between China and the United Kingdom.

In these blogs, Chris will share with you some of the stories which fascinate him about China, always looking for connections between Chinese and British culture. He hopes you will enjoy reading them and invites you to discuss any issues they raise for you.

Disclaimer : These blogs represent the personal views of the Chair and are not necessarily the views of SACU as a whole.

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  • China catches a cold
    My phrase of the week in my rather limited Chinese has been ‘ni leng bu leng? which translates as ‘are you feeling the cold?’. Chinese has this wonderful way of … Read more
  • Beijing – A Simple Life
    The author outside his Beijing suburb home In this blog I will talk about the sheer, simple ordinariness of my life in China. If you haven’t been to China you … Read more
  • To travel a thousand miles beats reading a thousand books
    行万里路胜读万卷书 (xíngwànlǐlùshèngdúwànjuǎnshū) For this week’s Chairs Blog let’s get our hiking boots on and head out of town to the remote mountains of the south-western province of Guizhou. It’s a … Read more
  • 双十一, Double Eleven, more than just a shopping festival?
    Double Eleven! One of the most important events of the year for many Chinese people is taking place right now in November. It’s called Double Eleven and it’s the biggest … Read more
  • We Remember them All
    On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour, Britain will respectfully remember and honour those who fought in and those who sacrificed their lives in the … Read more
  • Halloween & Strange Tales
    This week it has been Halloween in the UK. The origins of Halloween are seasonal. It is a festival that marks the end of summer and the coming of winter. … Read more