SACU on Video

SACU’s founding president, Joseph Needham, often talked about China as requiring ‘an effort of understanding’.  To contribute to the current debates, we have invited a series of people who have many years of experience of China to contribute a short video in which they talk about what for them are the ingredients of and recipe for understanding.

Kerry Brown

Frances Wood

Bridge Builders

Half a century ago, the Chinese and British governments agreed to exchange ambassadors, formally cementing a relationship that has become one of the most important for trade, investment, education and culture for both countries.

To celebrate the China-UK relationship, CGTN Europe introduced a series of groundbreaking people who – through their work, social or family lives – have contributed to greater understanding between the two countries. CGTN Europe calls them the Bridge Builders. Frances Wood, Michael Wood and Zoë Reed have all featured on this incredible series:

Frances Wood and Michael Wood

Zoë Reed