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The exceptionally long, unbroken history of civilization in China is unrivalled. Here is a directory of a part of SACU's information on China's historical development up to the formation of the People's Republic in 1949. For articles on China after 1949 please refer to our communist era and modern history sections.

Time Chart Historical time chart of China through the last 5,000 years including all the Chinese dynasties.
Maps A guide to the historical development of China through a sequence of four maps.
5,000 years of history China claims a long and eventful history, this article takes the broad overview and compares China to other cultures.
Paper Records The invention of paper and printing led to a burgeoning imperial civil service.
Great Inventions The four great Chinese inventions: paper; printing; gunpowder and the compass represent huge steps forward in technological development.
Opium in China The wars with Britain about trade in opium are a dark chapter, this article looks at the war from the Chinese perspective.
The Boxer Rebellion This uprising at the turn of the 20th century had a fundamental impact on China.
First Qin Emperor The paramount figure of early Chinese history is Shihuangdi - the first emperor of the Qin.
The Last Emperor The Last Qing Emperor Puyi had a younger brother Pujie, this article documents a rare interview with him in Beijing.
Manchus Manchus live in north-eastern provinces of China and formed the last Qing Imperial dynasty.
Beijing Origins Beijing, the capital of China has a very long history, it can be traced back over two thousand years.
Midnight in Peking On the trail of the infamous murder in Beijing 1937.
May 4th Movement The settlement of the colonies in China after the First World War led to a resurgence of nationalism in China.
Dr Sun Yatsen Dr Sun Yatsen is considered the founder of modern China. Memorials to him can be found all over China.
China's rich cultural history A survey of many aspects of China's long cultural history .
Empress Cixi Broadly contemporary to Queen Victoria, the Dowager Empress Cixi was the more powerful figure in China in the tumultuous dying days of the Qing dynasty.
Taiwan Taiwan has a long history as an outpost of mainland China.
Qin Stories A number of stories and fables from the turbulent days of the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC).
Art Collection A tour of the extraordinary Burrell collection of Chinese artefacts in Glasgow.
Examination System China boasts an examination system that reaches back over a thousand years, it has only recently been modernised.
Traditional Architecture In Beijing only a few areas still contain the traditional 'hutongs' that used to be the predominate style of architecture in Chinese cities.
Seafaring Describes the pioneering Chinese sailors.

Bronze Chariot
Bronze chariot dating to the Eastern Han dynasty found in Gansu province.

For articles about China after 1949 please go to our modern history index and for the period 1949-1990 revolutionary era index.

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