SACU AGM Day 24 September 2022 a Great Success

SACU’s AGM Day, held on Saturday 24th September 2022, was a great success. It was a hybrid event, both in person at the Wesley Conference Hotel, Euston Street, London, and online. SACU is very grateful to CGTN Europe for providing all the technical equipment and work free of charge as partners to make the hybrid day of events happen.


Formal business for members only took place in the morning, then members who attended in person stayed for lunch.


The afternoon session was open to the public, “SACU Bridge Builders and Heart in Two Homes.”

Afternoon events at SACU AGM Day 24 September 2022

SACU Bridge Builders

SACU was invited to be part of the CGTN Programme to mark the 50th anniversary of high-level diplomatic relations between the UK and China. Their Programme includes the Bridge Builders Series – these are people improving relations between China and the UK. SACU members Michael Wood OBE, SACU President, Dr Frances Wood, SACU Vice-President [no relation] and Zoë Reed, Chair, have featured.


For our AGM afternoon session, CGTN introduced their celebration Bridge Builders series with their film featuring the wonderful Guo Family: influencers whose wisdom reaches around the world. This was followed by a lively in-person discussion with Yi and Amanda Guo and their son Toto.

The Guo family

See: Bridge Builders SACU x CGTN Europe trailer on SACU’s YouTube Channel (opens in new window)


Heart in Two Homes

The final afternoon section was a conversation between Mary Ginsberg, SACU member and Chinese art expert, and artists Qu Leilei and Caroline Deane. A selection of their work was on display in the meeting hall and Leilei and Caroline explained some of the features of their contents and styles.

Left to right: Qu Leilei, Iris Yau (SACU Council), Mary Ginsberg (SACU) Caroline Deane and Zoë Reed (SACU Chair)


Some of Qu Leilei’s artwork was on display