SACU ChinaChat: The Early Years of SACU with Graham Perry

SACU ChinaChat Series – “Your Stories with China” “The Early Years of SACU” with Graham Perry in conversation with SACU Archivist Linxi Li, Sunday 29 November This was a truly memorable event in many ways. It was the first online link-up between Li Linxi in Beijing and our speaker, Graham Perry and other participants in the UK. It was also a trip down ‘memory lane’, as Graham, an early member of SACU and former Vice Chairman, delved into the origins and formation of SACU in 1965. Responding to questions from Linxi, Graham described how he himself came to be involved in […]

SACU/Peking University Essay/Art Competition 2020-2021 Launched 5 December 2020

We launched the fifth SACU-PKU Essay/Art Competition online on 5th December, this year online due to the unprecedented global pandemic. SACU members, schoolteachers and students as well as some non-members from both China and the UK attended the event.   The event opened with remarks by SACU Chair Zoe Reed and Professor Sun Hua of Peking University. Both expressed their encouragement to the younger generation of the UK to learn more about China and to promote further understanding between the two countries in the future. Professor Sun Hua also took the opportunity, with the forthcoming 120th anniversary of Joseph Needham’s […]

The Story of China: Michael Wood, SACU/HSBC Joint Event

Michael Wood, SACU’s President, gave a special online talk to the joint HSBC China Connect Group and SACU members on 19th November 2020 on the subject of his new book The Story of China.  Michael has the gift of summarising not only his own book but the whole history of China and its people in a short vivid talk, gripping our attention by focusing on some key episodes and outstanding characters in the long saga of Chinese history and culture.   In the discussion, he mentioned that he is basically a film-maker, which is obvious when he ‘zooms’ into these scenarios […]

UK-China Relations: Finding the way forward for cooperation in difficult times

SACU Public Event: Tuesday 1 September 2020, 17.30pm by Zoom. This was SACU’s first webinar by Zoom and was a great success! US-China relations are deteriorating alarmingly and the UK government has allowed itself to get drawn into the growing crisis.  Yet over recent decades, relations of cooperation between the UK and China have grown firm roots, building interdependencies across many fields, to the great benefit of both sides. SACU invited a panel of speakers with differing areas of expertise, but all with long-standing experience of working with Chinese counterparts, to discuss their experiences and their views on the value, […]

SACU ChinaChat: Discussion on Hong Kong

Sunday 23 August at 3.00 pm (BST) by Zoom This SACU ChinaChat was a members-only discussion meeting on Hong Kong, where members shared their thoughts and experiences of Hong Kong in an informal setting. SACU members Andrew Hicks and Barnaby Powell, who both have extensive experience and knowledge of Hong Kong, introduced the discussion with their own thought-provoking ideas and perspectives. SACU members then had the opportunity to join the conversation to share their own thoughts and experiences on the topic. The recording of the discussion will be made available to all members by email.

SACU ChinaChat: discussing the Opium Wars

SACU’s first Virtual ChinaChat, Thursday 25 June 2020, 6.00-7.30pm by Zoom. Dr Jenny Clegg led the discussion on the Opium Wars based on the American historian, Stephen Platt’s Imperial Twilight: The Opium War and the End of China’s Golden Age (2018). With the first salvos of the first Opium War in 1839, Britain opened China to a ‘Century of Humiliation’ where the once mighty Qing dynasty faced internal rebellion and rapacious imperial powers.  Platt sets out both the British and the Chinese sides as events moved inexorably to war. This potent turning point in China’s history ‘stands for everything that today’s […]

SACU/Peking University Essay/Multimedia Awards Ceremony Wednesday 17 June 2020

SACU and Peking University’s joint UK/China Friendship and Understanding Essay Competition 2020 has taken place and the winners were announced online in a Zoom ceremony on Wednesday 17 June 2020. Zoe Reed, SACU Chair, hosted the Awards Ceremony which this year was moved online because of the current pandemic crisis. The entrants joined the event from as far away as Shanghai.   There were 27 entrants from 7 schools who submitted entries on this year’s theme of ‘Overcoming the Cultural Gap between China and the West’. The schools taking part were Marlborough College; King’s College School (Wimbledon); Highgate School (London); […]

SACU/Peking University Essay Competition Launched at Oundle School, Wednesday 29th January 2020

We launched this year’s Essay Competition at Oundle School on Wednesday 29th January at the invitation of Ms Shuling Russo-Lai, Head of Chinese, and we thank the school for their hospitality. SACU has close links with Oundle School because our founder Joseph Needham attended the school and SACU’s Archives are stored here.   Interested students gave up their lunchtime to come along to SACU’s presentation in the Modern Languages Building. Zoe Reed, SACU Chair, talked about Joseph Needham’s wartime support of China’s scientists and how he sponsored a young K.C. Sun to study textile engineering in the UK. K.C. Sun became […]

China at 70: Looking Back; Looking Ahead

On 16th October 2019 SACU held a panel discussion to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with an evening reflecting on China’s past achievements and future challenges. More than 70 SACU members, friends and King’s College London students joined us for a stimulating evening of presentations and discussion with our expert panel. Panel of speakers: Minister Counsellor Wang Qi: we were honoured to have him join us from the Chinese Embassy View summary of his presentation here Dr Jenny Clegg: SACU Vice President, independent writer and researcher, author and China specialist speaker View […]

Living history in Babaoshan: Our SACU pilot event in Beijing, China

We are delighted to report on the first event of SACU’s newly formed SACU Beijing Chapter. This report has been written by SACU member Tamara Treichel, cosmopolitan and creative writer, based in Beijing:    A tour of Beijing’s Babaoshan Cemetery given by Michael Crook on October 12, 2019   Our Babaoshan guided tour, Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding (SACU) Beijing chapter’s first event, given by SACU member Michael Crook, a British expat in Beijing, was a big hit! Michael did the heavy lifting, and he was the perfect person to give the tour because he knew some of the foreign friends […]