China, Climate Change, COP26 – What Comes Next? – SACU Expert Panel discussion

This well-attended SACU Expert Panel Discussion was held on Wednesday 8th December, 5.30-7.00pm, as a free public event by Zoom. 

Chair: Carlos Martinez (SACU)


  • Professor Astrid Nordin (Lau Chair of Chinese International Relations in the Lau China Institute)
  • Dr Joy Zhang (Director of Studies, Sociology at University of Kent)
  • Sam Geall (Executive Director of China Dialogue)
  • Denis Fernando (Climate Change Activist, Songwriter, Musician)

SACU’s Expert Panel discussed what comes next for China and the world following COP26, with a focus on addressing the following questions:

  • How should China’s involvement in COP26 be assessed and what role will it play in tackling climate change post COP26?
  • What opportunities or challenges does China face in adhering to its green pledges? Is it doing enough in terms of policymaking and implementation, and grass roots mobilisation?
  • How should countries around the world, and the West in particular, engage with China for the benefit of tackling the climate crisis?

Video recording of this event is now available on SACU’s YouTube channel: