Standing Up To Sinophobia – UN Anti-Racism Day, Saturday 19 March 2022

Pride (of Lions) and Prejudice (#standuptosinophobia) – Saturday 19 March 2022 On the 19th March 2022, 10,000 people took to the streets of London as part of the global day of protest for UN Anti-Racism Day. SACU stood with them, spreading awareness of the rise in Sinophobia and anti-southeast Asian sentiment.     We were also accompanied by a Chinese dancing lion, much to the delight of passers-by both young and old. This lion was the hit of the march, providing joy and movement to an otherwise serious affair. Its inclusion was a superb idea, blending our sombre message of […]

Standing Up To Sinophobia: from Fu Manchu to Bat Soup

The increase in hate crime against Chinese people is alarming. As an organisation with the mission to build friendship and understanding between the peoples of China and the UK, it is important that we provide a platform and facilitate dialogue that will help understand this terrible feature of British society and work with others to tackle it. Dr Jenny Clegg SACU Vice-President will open the event with a presentation on Fu Manchu. A distinguished panel will look at the distinctive nature of Sinophobia and how we might tackle it: Dr Diana Yeh Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Culture and the Creative Industries and […]