UK-China Relations: Finding the way forward for cooperation in difficult times

SACU Public Event: Tuesday 1 September 2020, 17.30pm by Zoom.

This was SACU’s first webinar by Zoom and was a great success!

US-China relations are deteriorating alarmingly and the UK government has allowed itself to get drawn into the growing crisis.  Yet over recent decades, relations of cooperation between the UK and China have grown firm roots, building interdependencies across many fields, to the great benefit of both sides.

SACU invited a panel of speakers with differing areas of expertise, but all with long-standing experience of working with Chinese counterparts, to discuss their experiences and their views on the value, the challenges and the benefits of cooperating with China, as well as the prospects, in these problematic times, for their continuing cooperation into the future.

Our Panellists – Professor Kerry Brown, Professor Michael Wood, Graham Perry and Dr Ruby Wang – were chaired by Dr Jenny Clegg, SACU Vice President, and gave excellent presentations, and questions from the Attendees stimulated a good discussion.
 We were very pleased that so many people attended the event. However, for those who missed the live session or want to watch it again, you will find the video recording of the webinar on SACU’s YouTube channel: