Education as a Bridge to Anglo-Chinese Understanding: SACU Panel Discussion Thursday 10 June

SACU’s Public Education Working Group assembled an excellent speaker panel to discuss multiple aspects of this vital collaboration. 



Tim Clissold is a well-known writer on China, author of Mr China: a Memoir (2005); China Rules (2014); and most recently Cloud Chamber (2021). He is a Senior Research Associate at the Cambridge University China Centre and a champion of introducing the study of Chinese civilization in schools.

Professor David Law is Academic Director, Global Partnerships, at Keele University and the author of the Higher Education Institute’s (HEPI) report on UK higher education institutes export to China.

Theresa Booth is Co-Director of Chopsticks Club, whose ‘Engage with China’ initiative focuses on building ‘China literacy’ across all ages in schools. The China Enrichment Programme (run as a charity) feeds specifically into A Levels (History, Politics, Economics, Geography and Philosophy).

Dr Lucy Yang is a Senior Language Tutor and Language Co-ordinator, supporting Chinese teaching and learning at four Confucius classrooms and link schools at the Confucius Institute, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester.


Barnaby Powell is a SACU member who has been involved in private sector development in the Chinese world for over 40 years living in Asia for 20 of these.


A recording of the webinar is now available on SACU’s YouTube channel (not yet edited):