SACU ChinaChat – Xinjiang: Sharing our knowledge, Saturday 24 July 2021

This SACU ChinaChat was for members only, designed to allow discussion of the various aspects of the controversy. Excerpts from two contrasting videos – one by Martin Jacques and one by Rachel Harris, an academic and leading campaigner for the Uighurs – were shown and two SACU members, John Baruch and Keith Lamb, who have some local experiences, followed up by sharing their views. Some particular friends of SACU were also invited to join the session to help us with our considerations.

Dr Jenny Clegg
, SACU Vice President, chaired the discussion, which was not recorded. Jenny wrote, “Questions about the treatment of the Uighur people by the Chinese government have seized hold of politicians and the mainstream media with declarations of genocide. Repeated reports of human rights abuses have been a challenge to many of us in SACU as we face questions from family, friends, and at public meetings.” There will be a follow up article in the Autumn 2021 issue of China Eye.