Standing Up to Sinophobia – From Fu Manchu to Bat Soup!

SACU is alarmed by the increase in hate crime against people of Chinese heritage here in the UK and therefore invited an expert panel on Tuesday 6th April 2021 to look at the distinctive nature of Sinophobia and how we might tackle it:

Dr Jenny Clegg, SACU Vice-President, opened the event with a presentation on Fu Manchu.

Our distinguished panel included:

  • Dr Diana Yeh Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Culture and the Creative Industries and Associate Dean (EDI), School of Arts and Social Sciences, City, University of London
  • Anna Chen Chinese British writer, Poet and Broadcaster who blogs as Madam Miaow @MadamMiaow
  • Yeow Poon Chair of the Chinese Community Centre –Birmingham, a leading member of CARG UK (Covid-19 Anti-RacismGroup)
  • Sabby Dhalu Co-Convenor of Stand Up To Racism

There was a short time for Questions and Answers and then the event closed with a set from Ken Cheng, British born Chinese Comedian.

The event was recorded and SACU has now published the video on YouTube: