The May Fourth Movement and Its Cultural Impact: SACU ChinaChat, 21 January 2021

SACU ChinaChat on The May Fourth Movement and The New Culture Movement – 21 January 2021

About 32 people participated in this online meeting. It was chaired by Ros Wong and coordinated by Wang Fang.

Peter Colebourn, SACU member, reported: “The SACU January ChinaChat featured a discussion of the May Fourth Movement and the New Culture Movement. The presentation was nicely balanced as Rob Stallard in his introduction provided the historical context for the discussion. He had sourced and organised a wonderful group of graphics to illustrate his talk. Michael Sheringham then developed the discussion to focus on the New Culture Movement. Both speakers built upon their articles in China Eye, issues 61 and 62 : available here

The programme was an excellent example of the advantages of such Zoom meetings: good presentations, opportunity to ask questions and no travel. In fact, the session seemed to fly by and many of the attendees would have liked it to have gone on longer.”

This SACU ChinaChat was recorded and an edited version will be made available to members.